Monday, April 16, 2012

Love : Searching


Quietly watching rain on wood
Sharing tomorrow for what it would
Feeling lost, the world so fine
It takes one voice to make it sure

No longer safe it feels so charged
With danger ever present not so far
Incessant never stopping, like wave on shore
Unsure I can feel you any more

Heroine charge, emotion high
Like wings of life, they scour the sky
Circling never falling, watching sound
I am the one that they have found

Looking for love for all its worth
Does that not forsake love on this earth?
To hold as mine with all its pain
I search outside I feel the rain,

Upon my face drips long and cool
No longer feeling life long fool
To believe in you my darling love
You are what I crave, what makes me move. ©

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