Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Loss: Coming Home

Coming home
Looking forward to making it back
Returning safe to the place we built
I’m not so sure we’re on the right track
My mind full of tension and ….yes guilt

Comfort and pain in the same breath
The soft and familiar bed of roses
Feels like a stranger so soon I arrive
Did I make a mistake, is it me who chose this?

Away and reflecting, peace and space
A world of change at the end of my fingertips
I dream of the days we gazed face to face
Only for the world to tilt side to side on its axis

I struggle to find the words to whisper
Into your ears as you lay fast asleep
So near yet so far, the sound of your breath makes me want to hold our bodies close but never to meet

It’s not what you want and I know it’s true
You need your own space and time to relax
Me wanting you, needing you, makes no sense to you
You have made the break and already to you it’s a fact.

I know you’re not happy and neither am I
You’re too strong and unwilling to yield
I can never now be that sun high in your sky
For me you are that true field of gold.

Now lost for good your knight has lost his shield
Wandering alone with no purpose I know
Open to that straight arrow I can’t fail to feel
You have cut me loose without a place to go

We had, hearts that beat as one
Once upon a time for the rest of our days
But that’s a time long gone
Now it’s separate ways?

Loss : Just words on a page

Just words ©
Softly waning
Losing sight of the light
Drifting aimlessly thro the dark
Not knowing, always wanting

If not for the window of hope
The strings of love tugging me back and forth
I cannot see my prize
He left me

© Inspired by J Vettriano

Loss: Lost Again

Lost Again ©
I am so, so sad
My light of life
Has dimmed to end.
Tried so hard
Just could not win.
© Inspired by J Vettriano