Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love : Scar on My Heart

Scar on my heart ©

Water cold around my body taught
Pulling down, cold my skin
Pressure rising I must not sleep
Heart pumping fast it must not stop

So deep now wonderful blue
Angels singing, pull me down
Can I find you, will you be there?
Touching the bottom, seeds I have sown.

Like truth, my mask
Clamped tight, keeps me safe
Pulled free in a moment
Vision at last, but scars to see

Looking into mirror who can I
See, smiling thro rays of sunshine
My love reaching down from the shaking sky
Touch my scar, heal dark corners in me

Breath free now, gaining life
Scar is healing but red to blue
Not the end just the start
Sounds of laughter take me to you

Scars universal, no favorites taken
In your mind they stay
But for one so nice to awaken
Sunbeam dreams keep them at bay

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