Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Loss: Heroin


Inspired by Jack Vettriano
Black Friday

Injected at takes my soul
Again to darkness
A vision of beauty fills my eyes
That I will let her prize

Into the void she so did not want
To taste to feel, alone and hard
No future, no softness held in awe
Just a memory, held tightly, in store.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life: Crimson tide

Crimson Tide

Which way do you turn to find the light?
Hear laughter, see smiles, feel pain
Open eyes to search the skies that you might
At last grasp the warmth, when you hear your name.

Lost is somewhere inside your mind
Tight up inside that corner of dark
So sure that you could never be found
But dark is the quiet waiting for the light.

Self is good; self is you, self not less
But you, you are all you need
To stand up tall for the world to see,
You are as you are, not as they want.

Sitting quiet, watching the sun setting
Warm breeze wafting your flaxen hair
Knowing you are you, that beautiful you
As strong and sure as the setting sun
Over crimson tide


Monday, February 27, 2012

Love : Raindrops


Sitting watching the raindrops fall
In pools of daring do
Of lovers reaching out to feel
Their hearts do ache for things they say

In yearning tales of windswept hill
She cries out loud for all to hear
Her love for him not of her will
She cannot help her heart to bear

The rain it comes and n'er to stop
She can but breathe her words of love
Her voice drowned out by years of pain
She dreams of space, her yearn to have

A feel of warmth as she lay down
Skin of ivory for all to see
She sleeps in rapture heart all sown
She needs me now she is with me.


Life : Portofino


Riva berthed up to the dock
Glistening teak, engine raw.
Alighting beauty, floral frock
Quite the most ravishing sight I ever saw.

Silk scarf trailing in the breeze
To harbour café, cocktails too
Brings men folk out onto their knees
How can that be she’s here for me?


Lust : Night Comes Calling

Night Comes Calling

Inspired By Jack Vettriano “Fetish”

Night comes again, demons call
To pull me out away from safe port
Along the path, where sunlight did fall
Where shadows now fall short
Make that step, follow the cloak
Of darkness strident smoke does fill
All my lungs, till n'er can speak
And my heart would stop.


Life : Madness


I can’t be mad, but maybe I can
No definition so bold to prove the prognosis
But it’s real enough, just dig deeper
There beyond the face the madness lurks

Open your mind it will all flood out
The good, the bad, all as one
Run like the wind, scream and shout
Prove me mad and then I’ve won


Love: When I Found You

When I found you

I could not really have
Understood the impact that
Knowing you would have upon
My soul, deep in my heart

That I could say those words
To someone in the gallery
Of my life at that time
Who took my heart, my soul to see?

No one able to know
Sucked deep into the light
Like Juliet’s tragic Romeo
Unable to distinguish wrong from right

So as we now stand apart
Truth flows like Mothers milk
So far ahead from whence we did start
To say that I might let you go, just tears me apart.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lust : Pinch Me

Pinch me

Pinch me bite me, play my game of pain
Hurts just right, n’er too much, you have it just
As I need to satisfy my gain
I yearn that edge, that painful lust

The blade of ecstasy traces down
My naked back, to where you see
The fruits of labour, a guilded crown
Tumescent there, you now own me

Friday, February 24, 2012

Love: The Flower That Is You

The Flower that is you

Lanes of pink blossom fall
Onto your hair, like drops of rain to petal rose
Gently touching, wings of angels enthrall
The story starts with a kiss, soft as prose,

That touches hearts with simple words
Truth, not lies, they make the day
Like the falling blossom, it’s not why they do
It’s where they stay


Lust : Cuffs

Cuffs  ©

Inspired by Jack Vettriano

Starched white cuffs, caress your face
As Blindfold takes your light away
Cigarette smoke rises, you know your place
You try to speak but what to say?

Legs array, wrists tied on chair
By ribbon of red, and deep with bow
Gentle hands pull thro your hair
Your smile in tense, it is what you know!

Love: Fair Ladies in Hue

Fair Ladies in Hue

Careless gestures, thoughts of you
Wanton mind, so sharp
In cuts so deep, to know it’s true
Your faces etched unto my heart

Silk on satin, reclining so
Hearts so dashed on rocks so dark
Like thunder shouting out no
How could I ever talk to you?

For as I try to work it out
You touch and feel the brazen face
Of unfair want to turn about
My feelings for you both and my fall from grace

It’s not how I want but how it is
To be trapped twixt mothers milk and honey fast
The choice for me is with that twist
I know I need you both.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Loss : Cold


So cold the air it burns my mind
The snow wraps round my body in case
I should be free now in my mind
It ends here the final race

Closing down so numb, so clear
Retreating warmth toward my heart
How calm I feel without my fear
That I never met you or made that start

Losing sight now hurting head
Thoughts so lost, somewhere else
It can’t be now, you never said
I would lose like this without your self

Dark has come it feels so warm
Eyelids closed, with sound so clear
Quiet above now there is no storm
To stop me holding you, so dear.  ©

Love : By Candlelight

By Candlelight

Bare attic, stark board, the poet scratches.
By candlelight verse to lament the love
Of his past reason to live
This life of barren sand
Like one half a lone white dove

Wax drips low upon oak so worn
No pennies left, candle to replace
To finish his tryst to his, lovelorn
The dimming dying flame, her only face


Lust : Boat


I lay in solitude, by the shore
Tethered with rope to keep me safe
The water clear and shallow for
The fishermen walk and find me there

In glass like blue they take me out
With rod and line, for fish to find?
We stop in depth, so far from shout
So quiet and still, what’s on their mind?

A whisper, a breath the fishermen wriggle
Wanton lust till the last breath goes
The fisherwoman lets out a naughty giggle
“Not here” she says “the boat will know”

With lovers entwined, I gently rock
To sounds of love, serendipity calling
Private sighs but I don’t shock
Back to shore, my fishermen smiling

Monday, February 20, 2012


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life : Seeking Special

Seeking special

Special is everywhere high and low
Beauty falls like autumn leaf
Just got to be, just got to know
Make sure you look, so you can see

The one that takes the real French kiss
…Of life into your heart so dear
So open your eyes, you cannot miss
That special beauty, that’s oh so near.

Copyright : All my own

As I am starting to add to this blog of mine its worth a note to confirm that all the words are my own and thoughts are too.  They are not about anyone in particular but are meant to conjure up the feeling of the four guiding vices if you like.  Love Lust Life and Loss.  Let me know your thoughts...

Love : At Village Fayre

At village Fayre

Falling rising, holding your gaze
Softly smelling of new mown hay
We soar above the land so green
How nice to sit next to you today
Soft hair dripping, shoulders bare
Hands clasped tight outstretching far
I gaze at you, in every way
That beauty at the village fayre
Fresh breeze blowing, giddy smiles
Kicking leaves around your feet
So bare, so painted, like china fired
In heat intense, did we just meet?
In arms we walk, all lost in smiles
How did we come this far