Monday, April 30, 2012

Love : No More Falling

No more falling

The time for falling is long since past
The look for love, just a mirage?
Gazing out into the light
It’s you I see, no shadow

So walk with me along the track
Towards the end where we will be
Together looking forwards and not back
Happy in entwined arms you and me

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life : Perfection

Perfection I Am

Tiptoes stretching to my star
My body taught, like bowstring long
Eyes closed, sunshine from afar
Silence broken only by Angel’s song

Warmth a plenty upon my face
I take my breath before my leap
Into your heart, I am your grace
The treasure I am, for you to reap ©
Duncan Varley Sculpture ©

Life ; Sherlock

(Inspired by Jack Vettriano; Heartbreak Hotel  ©)

Door locked shut, town-sounds shut out
He slumps in leather, the time approaches
Vial in case, syringe to shout
The day is done, no clattering coaches.

Tiredness drifts onwards, the strings are taught
Chemicals to take him out to sea
Dragging bow, will he be caught?
                                 Will they believe he’s really me?

Life : The Simplest Things

The Simplest things

Seem so hard to say
Because life really is not clear
I guess were not actually made that way
We so easily screw up those we hold dear.

Not for wanting to say it so
But just because it hurts that much
To bare your heart, so they will know
What its like, to have had someone else’s touch.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lust : Just Red

Just Red

Before me red in basque and silk
Touching,taunting, girl of the night
For money not love you dress to kill
Till dawn light peeks thro curtains not right

Lipstick perfect, now and again
You dress in silence, covering red
So wanted wanton, no refrain
Giving not refraining, never back to bed

Love : Hiding Places

 Hiding places

You let me inside, so near
That I could not help myself be
Drawn into your hiding place, no fear
Of anything, like endless sky, you had the key

To a corner to ask, that reason why
You needed me there, alone with you
Inside that place, you once did cry
But now no more, that corner is through

Monday, April 16, 2012

Love : Searching


Quietly watching rain on wood
Sharing tomorrow for what it would
Feeling lost, the world so fine
It takes one voice to make it sure

No longer safe it feels so charged
With danger ever present not so far
Incessant never stopping, like wave on shore
Unsure I can feel you any more

Heroine charge, emotion high
Like wings of life, they scour the sky
Circling never falling, watching sound
I am the one that they have found

Looking for love for all its worth
Does that not forsake love on this earth?
To hold as mine with all its pain
I search outside I feel the rain,

Upon my face drips long and cool
No longer feeling life long fool
To believe in you my darling love
You are what I crave, what makes me move. ©

Friday, April 13, 2012

Love : Away from the path

Away from the path

Walk with me along the beach
Hand in hand, hearts entwined
Glistening sand, sunset within reach
Silently thinking, how was it you I found?

So walk with me, arm in arm
Along the beach, not away
To keep us safe and free from harm
For you to know and for me to say ©

Love : Colours

(Inspired by Jack Vettriano “Family Business) ©

I f you were a colour
What would you be?
In the starlight warmth
Of a candlelit sea.

Radiant heat, beauty falling,
Upon my gaze so fine.
I look into your eyes, they’re calling out loud,
All is calm, you are mine.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love : Scar on My Heart

Scar on my heart ©

Water cold around my body taught
Pulling down, cold my skin
Pressure rising I must not sleep
Heart pumping fast it must not stop

So deep now wonderful blue
Angels singing, pull me down
Can I find you, will you be there?
Touching the bottom, seeds I have sown.

Like truth, my mask
Clamped tight, keeps me safe
Pulled free in a moment
Vision at last, but scars to see

Looking into mirror who can I
See, smiling thro rays of sunshine
My love reaching down from the shaking sky
Touch my scar, heal dark corners in me

Breath free now, gaining life
Scar is healing but red to blue
Not the end just the start
Sounds of laughter take me to you

Scars universal, no favorites taken
In your mind they stay
But for one so nice to awaken
Sunbeam dreams keep them at bay

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lust : Reflections

Reflections ©
(Inspired by Jack Vettriano’s “Imperfect Past”)

Past reflects on silver screen
Caught on film, yes truly caught
Forever in chains or it will be seen
Owned by one, and worth but nought

Made to watch those bleak desires
Cold light of day, what have you done?
To late to change like funeral pyres
Keep quiet play on, or he’ll know he’s won

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love : Girl By The Sea

Girl by the se©

As I watched you sitting there
By table restaurant loud
How could I do, how could I care
To sit next to you, amongst the crowd

Panoramic vista, waves and sky
Bracing wind it races thro
Your flaxen hair as we pass by
The dunes of change, with grass so sharp,
I did sit next to you 

(inspired by Jack Vettriano's "Morning News")

Love : in You

In you

Is there a place for me in you?
No matter where you stay
So long as you truly want me to
I can be there, what do you say?

Ready to say that you wash over me
Smooth waters run deep, don’t they?
So be there, right where I can see
There is a place, there is a way. 


Monday, April 2, 2012

Love : Snow


Crisp and bright the morning breaks
The crumpled sheets of cotton show
Of entwined bodies, I take a glance
Your softly sleeping curves I know.

Windows open, fresh glides in
To wake you gently, caress your face
I lean to you and kiss your skin
So soft and pale a special place.

Outside now in Barbour wrapt
Thick soled boots to kick the snow
We walk in breathless thoughts to harbour
Of our past night, it’s all we know.

To have so much we breathe no sound
We walk the hill to see the shades
Of palette art on trees abound
In awe of the beauty that we made