Saturday, June 9, 2012

Love : The Kiss

The Kiss
Lips so soft, of fruit and moist
A chance to steal, not to offend
A beauty standing by me, is your choice
The cold melts away, a lovely end.

I caress your hand, so gentle yet urgent
To pass my touch from me to you
Your fingers curl, I smell your scent
The moment lingers seconds few

Soft lips tremble dancing round
Entwined in thoughts of nought but bliss
Eyes flutter closed, the cold at bay
So close, so warm, is such a kiss

You part you smile, your radiance fresh
To kiss again perhaps too soon
Our fingers tangled, slip away
So brief to touch, you made me warm.

Life : Cry to the Moon

Cry to the Moon
In cloudless sky so bright she shines
Bathing moonlight chases shadow
Across the land they call their own
Vampire’s lust stalks the meadow.

Her prey lays quiet in dreamy trance
Not knowing nor wanting their final embrace
Close now, breathing, just one last chance
To wake and run before fall from grace

Life : Passing Tears

Passing tears ©

As I saw the angel pass
The light it faded from my eyes
I could n’er know how long it would last
Before once again I could recover my prize

Lost in darkness bereft of wrote
The voice of the Angel it flew to me
Arrested heart could sing no notes for
The rekindled flame, the beauty I see.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Life : Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mountain

Eagle soaring searching out
Over grey, bleak and rock
His call so sharp, is like a shout
To kill by total awe and shock

Distant view, pinpoint clear
Gliding in silence, quite serene
His prey no idea, death so near
Carried off high, nothing seen

Power over all, he stands tall and proud
On mountain top to rest
All around, just the crowd
His life is just, to protect her nest

Nightfall moonlight, starlight falling
Glides from cloudless sky above
She welcomes him back, he is her calling
To close their distance, he is her love.