Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Love : Soft Sunrise

Soft Sunrise.

As I lie and watch you softly sleep
The sun begins to slowly rise
Over trees so straight so tall they keep
Us safe together so warm so fine

Looking forward to another day
Together before we part
Again so that we have to say
So long and leave our closeness far behind.

No need to turn back time
For nought can last forever as it was
But there’s always us, that we are caught
In new romance, quiet and tenderness

So sleep there softly, sunlight flooding in
To warm your face and golden hair
Upon my bed with me again
Until the time to part is here. ©

Friday, May 18, 2012

Life : Dancer for Money

Dancer for Money
(inspired by the Jack Vettriano picture ©)
Solitude peaceful, at last a smoke
Adjusted makeup, re-apply the lippy
Five minutes peace before the next trick
Wants to see you dance 
Like the girls in Mississippi ©

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life : Swan


I saw a Swan today
Long neck proud, drifting high
Strong wings rising, making its way
Across my sight, to endless sky

To nests of new warmth
She glides to soft splash
Upon the water, she preens herself
Spring is here, no need to rush.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lust : Temptation


Your distant perfume drifts
To me like scent of Angels breath, 
I have no sense
To take me where

You lay awake for me
Alone in your bed
Arms so soft to hold
Me so close, inside my head

Sunday, May 13, 2012

life : Me just Me

Me Just Me

Speaking softly in the dark, I seem to float into space
The road I am on drags on in to the night
Never the day to come to an end
My feelings take me to that space we call our peace

The drink takes hold, the music sings
The words seem warm but reality is cold
I sing with strength but my breath is soft
My lungs are spent; my lips open, no sound

I call out loud to see my face
It’s not my call, to see that race that I
Take part in to close that door
To end my day with feelings of calm

I wake with dread those mornings alone
The bed so cold with sheets of nought
That happened the night before
I lay awake with nothing so sore
As to make me feel so wracked
In sorrow and sin

I follow the path as I do
In regimental strides of purity
To the end that makes it so sad
That I am in the end just at the end of another day

Alone yet at one with so many friends
So strong but so weak
A man yet a child
So needy of that touch
I feel lost
Just me ©

Friday, May 11, 2012

Love : 2


2 feel is 2 know
2 know is to be
2 be is to see
2 see is to care
2 care is to feel
2 is you

Life : Chance Meet

Chance Meet

I met a famous footballer once
In an airport lounge don’t you know
Signed autographs for an hour did he
His name……Ronaldinho

Life : All of a dither

All of a dither

You know how it sometimes goes
When you feel so……quite uneasy
That oddness grabs you and it shows
You are but human, oh yes really!

Life : I Phone


IPhone, you phone what does it mean?
Touch-screen, regal, shiny, life
Digital love, not really seen
Buzzing with messages waiting there all night!

Shocking words, can it be
Really true
You don’t love me!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Life : Grey Goose

Grey Goose

My earphones in, the sights flash by
The cornfields stretch, to meet the sky
Endless fields, so far to see
The sounds of life cry out to me
I stretch my legs to make it great
The road so long, it is my fate.

I drift away, see my bird in flight
She flies up high, thrust out in fright!
She pushes on, her wings so tired
Out to the place her genes demand
She lands there almost out of breath
With wings so weak so close to death

She calls to me and shouts out loud
“I am so small but yet so proud
I am just a bird, for you to see
Cool and aloof but completely free”

My Grey goose came home.
And she is me! ©

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love : I Care for You

I Care For You

Sitting quietly sipping wine
Setting sun upon your hair
Gentle breath you are so fine
My desire for you is why Im here

Lost into your sweet caress
Perfumed lips of angels sweet
I shout out loud could I care less
Your beauty so perfect that we did meet.