Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Lust: Fusion


As we dance so close
The trumpet sings its song
For all the things I love the most
For those I really long

Lying wet and hot so red
The sweat of love, the fuse
I find myself upon your bed
My face it smiles you are my muse

Life: Desert Pearl

Desert Pearl
(Inspired by Jack Vettriano © “A Moment in Time”)

Nestling there, in the palm of your hand
Like perfect droplets of ocean blue
Reflections of shimmering shifting sand
The hot desert wind, it calls to you.

Wailing-prayers, they prick the night
Like shivers of memories down your spine
The pearls of wonder they cup your heart
To warm your soul and bring him back ©

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love: Soft Skin Love

Soft Skin Love

I hope you find this from in your heart
It is my wish that you need to start
To live your life to full desire
Your touch, my heart so much on fire

Your naked back encased in lace
Hair curls dropping from your face
I hold you to me close and warm
To me you are my love so sure

Our lips do dance the songs of love
I cannot leave you, it is my faith
To worship beauty above all else
To see you there inside my heart

Slowly sleeping down to rest
Your head upon my heaving chest
Legs entwined and arms pressed tight
It is with you I spend tonight.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Somewhere on the Franco Swiss Border: Before the Euro

Somewhere on the France-Switzerland Border 2000
At the height of the BSE Mad Cow Disease crisis in England. ©

Awakened by the wind flapping the curtains and the birds singing I could I suppose have been in my own bed.
However it was still dark and I wasn't.  For one thing I knew that for a fact, as my cat had eaten all the local birds.

Reaching over to the light, the clock said 4am.  Enough time you would have thought then to make the airport (not 15 minutes away) for a flight at 07 05am.

And so did I as I turned the light off and went back to a fitful sleep.
Same damn bird kept its attempt to entice the local females of the species for a quick dalliance, up for the best part of an hour.  Still it was a good tune once you got the hang of it in a sad sort of way.

A shower and still plenty of time and so to a cup of tea and pay the bill.

Previously organized as you would expect from a seasoned traveller, by my French colleague, the bus would arrive no later than 6 am and take me to the airport for 6.15, giving me a 45 minute browse through the endless customs before boarding my flight back to land of funeral pyres and diseased livestock.
The smoke would hang over England for 6 weeks as the French laughed at us for accepting their help and “free cows”
As a means of an insurance policy, the cash I had was not only sufficient for the bus but also for a cab; 45 francs for the bus and about 150 francs for the cab as I was advised.
This was to turn out to be not exactly accurate, on more than one count.

It had still not come light as I walked quietly and serenely to the bus stop at the entrance to the hotel.  A cursory check of the timetable confirmed that the bus was indeed due at the allotted time and would with great speed and safety deliver me to the airport.

It was at this point that the day was to take a somewhat tiring and yes taxing twist.
The time for the bus arrival came and went.  Several times I convinced myself of its imminent arrival, and during this time I had time to watch the lovelorn-bird continue his dance of love high up in the tree outside my room.

Making several mental calculations as to the latest I dared leave the hotel, it dawned on me that there was as much likelihood of this bus coming for me as Julia Roberts coming for me, so with bags in hand I ran gracefully back into the Hotel foyer and in surprisingly good French asked for the man to telephone a cab and to advise the airport of my late arrival.

The man behind the desk explained ; non probleme pour arrive dans L'Airoporte pour vous avignon a 07 05 am 
Pouring me a thick coffee the cab would be he said quatorze minute.  That in hastily converted time took my departure from the Hotel at 6.30am.

The car was indeed fast, as was the counter that counted the money I was later to be relieved of.  The time was going to be tight and in order to save this time I had begun to get out this cash.
In the dim light of the courtesy lamp it was becoming clear that the 150 ff the French liar had told me was plenty, was in fact a bit short.
Still I had 220 ff.
Passing 350ff on the meter, I thought that it would be a good plan to ask the driver, who was to his credit negotiating the perfectly spaced 2 lanes of traffic with massive capability, as though he was in a film himself, if he took Visa or American Express.

This was to be a turning point in our brief relationship.
On explaining the situation in again surprisingly good French the speed at which we were travelling appeared to diminish.
I slumped back in my seat and tried to think of a better plan than jumping out.

There was no better plan than to offer no way out to the driver who to his credit kept both hands on the wheel.
Time : 06.45 am
I could pretend to go into the terminal and come back but there was a flaw to this as I would not come back and he knew it, and anyway the police have guns so whatever happened I would have to pay if not with cash then my life.
This would not go down well with my French customer contact, who actually really wanted to kill me herself.

Leaving my bags in the car I left in full flight and was told that I could, if I went into Switzerland, go the bureau de change.
Time 06.48.
Going into Switzerland means going through the border! mmm
Time : 06.50.
The bureau was indeed open for business.  However Visa was busy moving money around the world and my requests for £100 was not going to stop them.  Even upping the request to £1000 would not get me their attention.  The counter official shrugged his shoulders and muttered that it was ok but it may take 30 minutes.  It usually did and anyway it was Friday so that was a conservative estimate. 
In Europe, Friday is slow.

All had been lost.  It took as it happened 15 minutes to get the cash.
The cab driver was asleep when I opened the door but he took his money with gratitude.
Time : 07.06

Although I am not stupid my request for the plane to come back for me was a little naive but worth a try.
I was able to change my ticket.  No it was not free and another transaction was due for about £80 but this was done in 3 minutes.
Because the ticket was not business class I was not allowed into the lounge, and no even if I was to offer payment, people in economy are not allowed, especially English people.
So  I've decided to head off into Switzerland to become a very fast taxi driver.


Just a quick note. Returned just from 2 weeks in India. Thanks for all your views on the words.  I didn't expect so many.

A view then from India. The Old mixed with the New

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lust: Taxi

Taxi ©

Rain washed streets with window mist
Racing shop windows speeding by
Mind drifts back to our first kiss
Hands briefly touch, both quite shy

Traffic backed up, tightly stopped
Waiting patient wipers run
To clear the raindrops, see right through
Home tonight, tomorrow it’s you

Love: Beneath My Skin

Beneath my Skin

Soaring on winds of far of whispers
Spray, fresh, touching, cooling breath
I feel you there beneath my skin
To keep me warm and safe

Greens and blues, calm and cold
I fly on your stories, to far off lands
Resting, restoring, before I leave
To find you there, beneath my skin

A sight on your horizon I dip and dive
Touching the glass-like outer skin
As if to test that it is true
That I have found what lies within

Down now out of wind and spray
To see to touch, it comes what may
I feel your hand upon my face
My journeys end, no more to race
Finally,  truly,  beneath my skin. ©

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life: Half Open

Half open

The door half open, to tempt me through
Always there for me to see
My chance to find out if it’s true
It tempts, it calls, its secrets for me

Sunlight peeks thro every crack
My mind it races to and fro
The strength to resist, is what I lack
It’s for me to test and for you to know.

Loss: In The Moment

In the moment

Can you say that you have been?
So in touch with someone you
Have seen and known
That they meant just so much

Bereft if they lost you
Sad if they failed
To make that connection
With every moment they knew you.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lust : Obsidian


I hold the blackness smooth and deep
Its purpose clears to me at least.
I use it quietly, my need to keep
Pushed over edge, I take my feast.

So cold and hard, pleasure rises slow
The scent of lust pervades my bed
Till wanton rush, that we all know
Floods my senses, it makes me red…

Loss: Poet Lost

Poet Lost

Lonely attic, candlelit bare
Just enough ink to scratch a meal
He dreams of the Love he hopes to find out there
Too cold to smile too cold to feel

Mindless grog in tavern loud
Friends for minutes until it’s gone
Surrounded by nothingness like a shroud
Back to attic cold, alone.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love: No Shadows

No Shadows

It once was dark, no corner for light
Thro the door of hope, sunrays beckon
You on to feel the warmth out of the night
Into bright scents of searing heat

Upon your face as you turn round
No matter the wave of foolish thought
It really is the light you’ve found
Or is it you that the light has caught?

(Inspired By Jack Vettriano ©) 

Life or loss? Dreadful Secret

Dreadful Secret

I killed a man, it was not my fault
Happenstance took me there that day
Time stood still, just common-assault
He tried to take, but made me say

You have a choice, you make it now
Eyes full of blood, he could not see
The knife he carried, I made it mine
Slumped against my heart, his life did flee.

Love ; City park

City Park
Dappled sunshine, scent of grass
Tablecloth laid with food so fine
Lay to rest, problems pass
Talk of nothing, just sipping wine

Gentle breeze push napkin along
Fruits and sweets for our fill
The distant city engulfed in throng
Till the sun, clouds obscure, naked arms would chill

Hands now cupped round steaming tea
Sparrows chase the windy crumbs
Wine no more for you and me
I gaze at you, with heart of drums

To sit so calm, nice time for we
To forget the day, smell scents for miles
Roll up the cloth and drain the tea
Return stark city, full of smiles ©

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lust : Head or Heart

Head or Heart 
(inspired by ©Jack Vettriano)

Head in hands, powder at mirror
Stains of love on satin silk
Draw on smoke, you can’t look at her
For all the world like Mothers milk

Tantalizing flesh, so soft to touch
Out of bounds just another peek
Does she know you need so much
A man you are, a man so weak.  ©

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life: Inside Yourself.

Inside Yourself

You know, maybe, it’s all ok?
Inside, you feel the knot of life
Twist you round, as if to say
It’s time to choose, forget the strife

Nothing sure, but your own heart
Buried deep among the past
Things do happen to make it so
It’s what you feel, the line you cast.

Out to the dark, a fish to find
Or just a friendly place?
The answer will find you, don’t you mind
The rest of your life, your saving grace.

Without your strength, you do not beam
The honest you, so
Who they see may not be you
So long as you know, your mind is at rest.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Love: Blessed


Shadows caress of porcelain curve
Bathed in sunlight, peace for few
At last the chance to dream of Love
So lucky she stayed so still for you

Beauty truly more than skin deep
Her sense of calm, in stone to see
Perfect in pose, no doubt in sleep
I dream of her to be with me
Picture: Duncan Varley Sculpture ©

Loss: White Stone Weeping

White Stone Weeping
Silent amongst the calm and trees
My statue weeps for the Love she lost
He never quite new her special needs
And so she pays, it is her cost.

Cold and silent sitting there
The birds around her call and sing
Old songs of Love they shout to bear
For it is their wish, the warmth to bring ©

Picture Duncan Varley Sculpture ©

Friday, March 9, 2012

Life : Distant Bells

Distant Bells

Across the fields
The Church bell tolls
Sunshine beaming, souls to see
Tommy returns for the girl he longs
A weekend at last, 24 hours and free
Friends have fallen, in dust bereft
Wickedness all around; no sense
A few hours of peace and softness, alone are left
Moments with tenderness intense.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life : Prophecy


Age brings calmness, foresight and love
For simple things, lost so much on the young
The beauty of a spring morning
The chatter and calling of a soft white dove

So as I age, I think of the times
As young as I was, not listening to much
Of what meant to others so real
That right now, is all that takes my time.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life : Afghanistan


Walking, heat, dust and noise
Closely aware of friends and danger
Never far from safety, from death
Senses now taught,
NO NO what has she in front of her?

Milliseconds done, dust and ringing
No one standing, screaming sounds
Can’t see my hands, what am I doing?
Holding him safely in my arms.

Love : Dance With Me

Dance with Me

I can’t take my eyes off you.
So soft in red, hair so taught
Close and tight, body so true
Strong and calm with me so fraught

With want to hold so close
Your breath like songbirds life in words
Hair of golden weave for all to chase
You in my arms, for all the world

Music beating, to verdant ears
Look left then right, to swirl so hard
Making sure we lose those fears
To love like lovers, entwined in hearts

Loss: As I Sit

As I Sit

As I sit alone amongst the raindrops
Blue sky lost to grey
The veil of sadness it never stops
Losing you cuts my heart each day

We never said the road was clear
But as I sit and think of you
The darkness it pulls in my fear
Of how I now feel without my glue


Friday, March 2, 2012

Lust: Vampire's Deep

Vampire’s deep

The Desire it pervades deep inside me
Filling the space, that I hoped was gone
I cannot help, quite what I do
When the moon is brightest we can be one.

Come to me baby, you will not die
The night protects us I can truly say
For the moments with you, enclosed I will lie
To hide from the light, and safe from the day

Our lips do kiss in fervour stark
Feast to find, prey to join…
Us on our journey into the dark
To taste the life, in Vampires deep.

Life: Silence

Silence of Dementia

Locked in thoughts, the World is loud
I cannot speak, though I do want
As though my voice hidden by a shroud
My mind is strong, just my body wont

Don’t shy away, I am like you
I was once quite whole
My body really was like new
Now locked inside, me and my soul